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Ligno: Moisture-Activated Dust Suppression for Roads

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Ligno takes a unique approach to dust suppression on roads. Unlike binding agents, Ligno focuses on moisture retention for optimal performance. Here’s what sets Ligno apart:

  • Moisture-Activated Formula: Ligno is a non-binding product. It absorbs moisture from the air, becoming most effective in humid environments. This characteristic allows Ligno to create a longer-lasting, “wet-looking” dust-free surface.
  • Spike Application & Compaction: Ligno is typically applied using a spiking method with a high initial concentration (around 50% mixture) on the wearing course. The road surface is then lightly graded or left for natural compaction by vehicle traffic. Subsequent applications use lower concentrations (around 1%) and a reduced frequency (e.g., one spray daily).
  • Continuous Grading: Since Ligno doesn’t bind the road surface, regular grading remains necessary to maintain a smooth surface.
  • Initial Treatment and Ongoing Maintenance: The process begins with a 30mm application. This acts as the foundation. After a week, you can start spraying the product directly onto the surface, twice a day for the first month (or potentially just the first two weeks). This spraying builds upon the initial 30mm seal.

Benefits and Considerations of Ligno:

  • Effective Dust Suppression (in Humid Conditions): Ligno excels at dust suppression in humid environments where it can readily absorb moisture and maintain its effectiveness.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The moisture retention creates a visually appealing, “wet-looking” dust-free surface.
  • Leaching: A key drawback of Ligno is its susceptibility to leaching. When rain occurs, the product can leach away, reducing its effectiveness. This necessitates more frequent reapplication, particularly after heavy rainfall.
  • Grading Requirements: The non-binding nature of Ligno means regular grading is essential to maintain a smooth road surface.

Ligno is a suitable option for dust suppression in specific scenarios, particularly in humid climates where a visually appealing, “wet-looking” surface is desired. However, its susceptibility to leaching and the need for continuous grading are important considerations.

Refer to the pictures above for the before and after for project results.

Menar ZAC Mine Ulundi, KZN (SA) (High Rainfall) 

16km Access Road through communities wearing course stabilization.

Maintenance continued with Ligno-based product, which unfortunately deteriorated over a 3- year period.





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