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KUP-SS: Pre-treatment for Very Fine Dust

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Treating Areas with Fine Dust (20-30cm) Using KUP-SS

This guide explains how to tackle areas covered in very fine dust (20-30cm deep) using KUP-SS, a penetrating liquid, to prepare the surface for sealing with KUP-XIL-B.

Benefits of KUP-SS:

  • Improves penetration of KUP-XIL-B (sealing application).
  • Binds dust particles (although not a true binder).
  • Keeps the dust wet for a longer duration compared to just water.

The Process:

  1. Pre-Wetting: Apply KUP-SS as a pre-wetting solution. It’s not a binder, but it helps penetrate and compact the fine dust particles.
  2. Multiple Applications: Spray KUP-SS mixed with water (2000 ppm) onto the dusty area several times until the dust is well-compacted.
  3. Sealing: Once the dust is compacted, apply KUP-XIL-B for sealing.

Important Points:

  • Mixing Ratio: KUP-SS is mixed with water at a ratio of 2000 ppm (parts per million).
  • Coverage: This dilution rate (2000 ppm) allows treating approximately 15,000 square meters per 50 liters of KUP-SS added to 25,000 liters of water (assuming a standard tanker applies water at 1.5 liters per square meter per run).
  • Re-application Might Be Needed: KUP-SS won’t permanently bind the dust. You might need to re-wet the area periodically until the final sealing with KUP-XIL-B is applied.
  • Avoid Overspraying: Excessive application can create a muddy mess, similar to overwatering.

Overall, KUP-SS acts as a pre-treatment to prepare very fine dust for effective sealing with KUP-XIL-B.



Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  1. Can one store solution in plastic JoJo water tanks 10m3?
    10m³ Chemical Storage tanks will be 100% fine, but for future and potential increased volumes we should look at possible self-bunded steel tanks with 30kL capacity.
    Water tanks can work, but those are never guaranteed should something burst. The manufacturers of tanks always say anything with sg (specific gravity) other than water is not their problem.
  2. Can it be pumped out and into the bowser with just a normal water pump?

Yes, it can be pumped with normal pumps.


  1. How often does in need agitating in storage?      

For storage tanks you can agitate every day or two. For a couple of minutes only. No need for intense agitation, just need everything to become mixed together again


  1. Can agitation be done just before preloading into the bowser?

Yes, and one can also use the same pump for agitation. Then it boils down to your pipe work only.


  1. Can excavators be on the road?
    Excavators and track equipment will always cause damage, mostly when these turn on the tracks. The continued spraying and maintenance will reseal if there are damaged areas.
    Suggestion: Before the rainy season the excavators are minimized so that the seal can be properly achieved for protection of underfoot parts during rains


  1. Can the road be used while doing spike application and when?
    Yes, roads can be used.
    The spike application plus spray on does not require traffic stops. You use your truck tires for compaction of the scarified area as well.
    Only disruptive part is a grader and water bowser also in the road, working for that period of scarifying and spraying


  1. Is there not a waiting period to dry.?
    Can the bitumen component stick to the truck tires?
    This applies to the bitumen spike (KUP-60-S). The initial solution should not exceed 10% with neat bitumen as this tends to cause extreme tackiness as spray on spike application


  1. How to treat areas with 20-30cm very fine dust using KUP SS penetrating liquid

To ensure a strong foundation, begin by applying a light spray of the KUP-SS product to the dust. Repeat this pre-wetting process with KUP-SS a couple of times, until the dust achieves a dense consistency. With the dust firmly compacted, proceed with applying the KUP-XIL-B sealant to create a secure final layer


  1. Can these products be used for warehouse flooring?

Application: Warehouse flooring stabilization

Target thickness: 150mm (typical for warehouse floors)

Desired property: Water resistance (achieved by the KUP-XIL variant)


  1. Tariff numbers and Import

The KUP-XIL B product as sent from SA has 2 x tariff numbers (HS codes).

2839.19 and 2714.90.10

 SADC exemption to duties, but these components are duties free in any case


  1. Payments and Banking

Truck Stop only accepts $ or £ payments for export


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any other questions.





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