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Our primary goal is to source and supply your requirement(s) rapidly and securely within your budget. We will physically check/test the vehicle/vehicles you have chosen.

As a registered member of the Department for International Trade, it is in our best efforts to source machinery or vehicles in good working condition from trusted automotive individuals and businesses. Truckstop Africa will be transparent about the state of your requested order. You are guaranteed pre-inspection and if there is further servicing required, you will be informed.


Our stock list has a wide range of Makes and Models. If you are looking for a specific machine that is not in stock, contact us and we can source from our wide range of suppliers within a few days.

Truckstop Africa supplies and exports your order from the UK, EU, China, to your nearest port in Southern Africa. We will assist you with the step by step process from the day of your order, until you have a safe, anxious-free delivery.

Countries we ship to

We make sure our vehicles and machinery are in working condition and have a well documented service history. After inspection and road-tests, we send an honest general report to the client with photographs of parts that are in good and medium condition. We also advice when a part needs replacement. Additionally, we will arrange all pre-clearance requirements and documentation with the importer’s agent.

Our platform helps you identify trucks, trailers, and machinery within your budget. Making it easier for you to quickly identify what you need.


Truckstop Africa offers both new and old models with your return on investment in mind. As new and used plant and machinery/ vehicle suppliers, we appreciate the concerns of construction managers, plant operators and logistics. That’s why we ensure that our suppliers are trustworthy and from brands you recognize. We simply make sure that they sell what they say they are selling!.

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