1989 Houghton Parkhouse Exw UK

1989 Houghton Parkhouse Exw UK

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1989 Houghton Parkhouse

44,000 kg 40ft long, air suspension, Heights and lengths, Bottom deck, first pen over the neck, 12ft long , 4ft 8″ high, second pen, 8ft, 5ft 1″ high, remaining 2 pens, 10ft, 5 1″ high. Top deck, first pen over the neck, 12ft long, 4ft 10″ high, second pen 8ft long, 5ft 3″ high, next pen 10ft, 5ft 3″ high, ramp 10ft, 5ft 3 ” tall This is a well made box, better than todays boxes, thick aluminium, trailer is on air and lets the box down, with a small amount of tidying up this would be a box that would suit a farmer or export customer. It could be cut down for farm use, it would almost warrant putting onto a later trailer and given a coat of paint, the opportunities are endless.


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