Truck Stop Africa Aluminium 45,000L Oil Tanker Exw China

Truck Stop Africa Aluminium 45,000L Oil Tanker Exw China

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Truck Stop Africa Aluminium 45,000L Oil Tanker

Delivery time 30-45 days after receiving deposit and customer confirming drawings
Date of Expiry Valid for 60 days from January 16, 2019
Payment TT, 30% as deposit; 70% balance before shipment



Main Technical Specification with ADR standard


General The tanker trailer is designed for stevedoring and transporting fuel. Working pressure 75psi, testing pressure 1.5 times  working pressure.


Aluminium steel 5182, tanker body: 6mm, end plate: 7mm
Loading type


Bottom loading
Transport Medium


Petrol, diesel, ethyl alcohol, methanol, octane improver.
Dimension(mm) External (length x width x height) 12,200*2,500*3,700
Fifth wheel height (unloaded) 50mm or 90mm
Kingpin height According to client’s requirement
Kingpin setting (kingpin to front end) 1450mm
Wheel distance (kingpin to second axle) 8100mm
Axle space 1200mm
Weight(kg) Tare weight (tolerance +/-3%)   8,000 kgs
Max Payload 42,000 kgs
Max gross weigh 49,000 kgs
Max kingpin payload (distributed payload) 14,790 kgs
Max axle payload (distributed payload) 34,510 kgs
Tanker Body Capacity 45,000L
Compartments 6 compartments
Tank shape Oval Shape
Tank material Aluminum Alloy 5182, 6 mm
Ends Aluminum Alloy 5182, 7 mm
Compartment Plate Aluminum Alloy 5182, 5mm
Price addition  and deduction For 42,000 Liters deduct USD $1,200 from the price.  

For 36,000 Liters deduct USD$1,800 from the price.

Reduce from 6 compartments to 4 compartments and deduct USD$2,400 from the price.


Tanker Accessories and Fittings:


500mm (20”) diameter manholes with manhole cover, 250mm (10”) fill/vent, pressure vacuum  vent included in manhole assembly.  Manhole protection cover is optional.

Discharge System ,

  1. Internal Valve: CIVACON EURO 100-1 4” pneumatic internal valve at the bottom of each compartment.
  2. 4” Aluminium pipe line, outlet located on the bottom side center of the tanker.
  3. The API adaptor will be fitted at a height of between 705mm and 850mm.
  4. API adaptor with CIVACON 875C aluminium dust cap on the right side of tanker (Horizon installation).
  5. All outlets are enclosed in an aluminium steel box fitted with a stainless-steel lock.


Running System:

Axle & Suspension: 

Fuwa brand, Square axle tube, 10 holes, 3×13 tons axle,

German leaf suspension


Tire & Rim:                                                                                                                                                                             

385/65R22.5, 6+1pcs; steel rims

Braking System:

WABCO RE6 relay valve; T30/30 spring brake chamber; 40L air tanks; with EBS system, Air tank and tubes are made in China.

Landing Gear:

“JOST” brand two-speed, manually operated,

Heavy duty landing gear

King Pin:

“JOST”, 50mm or 90mm, bolt-on type.

Electrical System:

ADR approved lightning and electrical system;

24 volt lighting system with LED lights at both sides and rear of the tanker. Harness: oil and vapor proof cable;

Side clearance/marker light: five PCS each side, amber;

Tail light (includes stop light, rear indicator lights and marker light): one pc/side, red/ amber;

Registration plate light: one pc, white.


  1. Ladder: A detachable ladder made of carbon steel is fixed at the rear or front of the tanker.
  2. Walkway: Anti-skid walkway along the entire length of the tanker .
  3. Fire Extinguisher Bracket: Two brackets are fixed on the left and right side of the trailer made of steel .
  4. Fire Extinguisher: Two Pieces 8KG BC class.
  5. Fender: Mudguard with mud flaps .
  6. Spare Tire Carrier: One set per trailer.
  7. Tool Box: Made of carbon steel. One per trailer, fixed on the right side with a lock.
  8. Side guard: Complete with a tool box and API box to avoid pedestrians/cyclists being pulled under the trailer.
  9. Drainage hose: Made of steel and equipped with PVC hose, on the rear of the tank.  


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Unit FOB Tianjin, Unit CIF Beira



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