100Ton low bed trailer for Qatar (POA) Exw

100Ton low bed trailer for Qatar (POA) Exw

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100Ton low bed trailer for Qatar

The characteristics of the product:

1.Advanced technology: Major parts and components of the trailer are processed with advanced equipment. Longitudinal beams are finished with an automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine; all the sub-assemblies are shot-blasted to improve paint adhesiveness and are painted before assembling.

  1. Chassis: To ensure optional structure for cargo handling and a larger payload, the chassis is manufactured as a space frame structure of high-strength steel, 16Mn steel welded longitudinal beams and integrated cross members.
  2. Axle: High performance domestic and imported axles with ABS system optionally available can significantly increase driving safety.
  3. Suspension: High strength and impact resistant new type suspension is adopted with patented rod connecting design. It guarantees performance on rough road conditions and a longer service life.
  4. Tool box: Large capacity water-proof detachable tool box.
  5. Hot-rolled structural steel welded 16 Mn steel longitudinal beam and cross members are assembled and welded for chassis assembly. The finished chassis offers bending and deforming resistance with proper rigidity and strength.
  6. Tested and proven structure of cargo box is constructed with profiled steel frame, corrugated plate and mould pressed steel stake.
  7. Reliable dual circuit air brake with quick release valve and quick response of wheel cylinder ensures safe on-road and off-road operation.
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