Sulphuric Acid Tanker Semitrailer 18m3/33,000kg Exw China

Sulphuric Acid Tanker Semitrailer 18m3/33,000kg Exw China

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Sulphuric Acid Tanker Semitrailer 18m3/33,000kg

Item Descriptions & Specifications
1 18,000liters sulphuric acid tanker semitrailer Tare Weight: 9000kg

Material: Q235B carbon steel/ SS316L

Loading Capacity: 33,000KG

Shape: V type

Dimensions (LxWxH) 11000x2500x3500mm Tank thickness: 6 mm for whole tank body

Manhole: European standard Φ500 with air valve

Discharge valve: DN100mm ball type discharge valve with cover

Spill boxes: spill boxes with vent valves, Drainage pipes fitted

Tank roof: Anti-corrosion cover

Axle:Fuwa 13T ,3pcs

Suspension: leaf spring suspension

King Pin: JOST brand 2″/3.5″ bolted pin

Tire&Rim: Triangle brand 315/80R22.5,13 pieces, rim grey color

Landing Gear: 28T Manual operating

Accessories: 1 Set standard tool box

Fire extinguisher: 2pc, flexible devices 6 measure and catchy industrially 4inch extinguisher

Discharge        hose:       2units anti-corrosion       hose on        both         ends

Light: Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp

Paint: 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, twice coats of final paint Brake: Dual line brake system with ABS, emergency valve WABCO brand,6 big chamber, KTL 30/30 type brake chambers on rear axle

  Carbon steel  SS316L Stainless Steel
Unit Price to Beira US$29,900 $38,9003
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Carbon Steel, SS316L Stainless Steel



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