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Did you know? Sinotruk is the 3rd manufacturer of trucks in mainland China?

Sinotruk, a leading global name in heavy-duty trucks, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1930. Pioneering China’s heavy-duty vehicle industry, Sinotruk proudly manufactured the nation’s first heavy-duty truck, the Yellow River JN150, in 1960. This marked a turning point, ending China’s dependence on foreign heavy-duty vehicles.

Throughout their journey, Sinotruk has continuously strived for excellence. They were the first in China to comprehensively adopt foreign heavy-duty vehicle technology with the Austrian Steyr project in 1983. This dedication to innovation has resulted in a comprehensive range of technologically advanced, comfortable, reliable, and affordable heavy-duty trucks.

Today, Sinotruk offers a diverse selection of trucks to cater to your every hauling need. From dump trucks and tractors to cargo trucks and tank trucks, they have it all. They even have a line of light vehicles, including eco-friendly options like hydrogen-fueled and electric models.

Looking for a dependable and innovative heavy-duty truck solution? Visit Sinotruk’s website to explore their extensive range and discover how they can empower your business.

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