XCMG XC6-3514V Telescopic Handler (Forklift) 13.5m lifting height Exw China

XCMG XC6-3514V Telescopic Handler (Forklift) 13.5m lifting height Exw China

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XCMG XC6-3514V Telescopic Handler (Forklift)


Type:Telescopic Handler (Forklift)





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XC6 is the latest XCMG’ telescopic forklift which features the highest operation simplicity, safety and efficiency. The

electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and continuously variable drive technology achieve more stable

and reliable operations. The intelligent independent cooling system features high energy-saving and efficiency.

XC6-3514V Telescopic Boom Forklift is improved, upgraded and designed on the basis of XC6-3514K platform, and its

main configuration is: DC G-III engine + electrically-controlled hydrostatic system + XCMG axle box. The main

performance, mechanism and features are shown in photos.

Power Transmission System
DC G-III engine is adopted which is featured by good power, high torque reserve, high economic efficiency, low fuel and oil consumption, and it’s a superior product elaborately designed and manufactured for working condition of construction machinery and passed the verification. The engine emission meets the G-III standards.

Bidirectional vibration reduction is adopted for power system, realizing the all-round elastic suspension, effectively overcoming resonance between power system and frame, and reducing noise and fatigue rupture of power system.

Large-capacity water tank, “tunnel” wind scooper and independent cooling system are adopted, energy saving and high efficiency. Additionally, it’s capable of reverse cleaning function.

XCMG gearbox is configured, which is advantaged by excellent performance and strong function, and can adapt to use requirements for different working conditions. It’s designed with 2 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, and electrically-controlled gear shifting, easy and simple to operate, effectively reducing the driver’s operation strength.

3.Drive Axle:
XCMG maintenance-free multi-plate wet brake axle is installed and capable of spring braking and hydraulic release function. The wet axle is of simple and compact structure, of which internal system is free of external pollution and brake disk shows good heat dispersion because it’s soaked in hydraulic oil, so that wet brake axle can realize maintenance-free due to fully enclosed condition.

Hydraulic System
Steering system adopts the load sensing fully-hydraulic steering system. Priority valve supplies the hydraulic oil provided by working pump to steering system and working system respectively. When the main engine turns, the pump shall meet the pressure and flow requirements for steering system, which improves system safety.

The electrically-controlled control lever is adopted, which is easy and flexible to operate, reduces driver’s working strength and meets the requirement of easy maintenance and low failure rate.

Brake System
The complete machine adopts fully hydraulic brake system and the hydraulic pipes are fully enclosed pipes, which can prevent dust in air from polluting oil and reducing the reliability of brake system. It’s advantaged by simple and flexible to control, and the brake force and control force is amplified proportionally to realize low pressure alarm and real-time monitoring.

The brake pedal integrates inching function. In the braking process, it can provide the required inching characteristics and realize jogging function to machine in working process, making the machine’s speed proportionally adjustable according to angle of pedal angle, and making it move stably. The brake for drive axle is performed after inching function is completed to realize the deceleration or braking to machine.

Cab and Control System
The luxury comfortable cab with brand-new style is featured by sealing and vibration reduction, sound insulation and noise reduction, large space, and designed with wide view and elegant interiors. The joystick and instrument panel are arranged according to ergonomic principle, and joystick and button switches are accessible. The comfortable suspension seat is configured, making driver keep in optimal comfort and easier to operate. HVAC&R is arranged in cab to realize multi-window three-dimensional ventilation, namely fast defrosting, which fully meets the refrigerating and heating requirement of operator.

Seat and steering wheel can be adjusted from four directions. The cab is equipped with radio-cassette player, cigar lighter, electric fan,emergency hammer, fire extinguisher, non-slip mat, front and rear wiper, and adopts fully enclosed design, reflecting the design concept of “people-oriented” and providing a safe and comfortable working environment for operator.

Torque Limiter System
The system is composed of weighing sensor and control display. The system judges whether the machine is overloaded through testing the deformation of rear axle. When the machine is about to be full-loaded, the system will prompt operator through red indicator light. When the machine is overloaded, the system will cut off relevant leading oil pipe to limit the extending and dropping of big beam. The system is stable and reliable in performance, and can effectively prevent machine from tipping over.

The engine is arranged laterally, and maintenance points (such as inspection of oil level, oil adding, lubricating grease refilling and others) are arranged at accessible parts, which is convenient for overhauling, dismantling and replacing air filter element, electric equipment and others.

The tilt-up engine hood with large side door is adopted to make engine, cooling system and others totally exposed, which is convenient for inspecting the oil level of engine, refilling oil and replacing filter element, easy and simple for maintenance.

The parallel structure integrates fuse box to realize centralized control for electric system of complete machine, which is convenient and efficient for troubleshooting.

The frame is armed with function of lateral leveling (the body can swing to left and right for 10°), which can make sure frame is kept in level constantly even the workplace is not flat. What’s more, the supporting legs are configured at front side of frame, making sure the stability and safety of high position forklifting and improving the operating range and stability of complete machine.

One-piece frame is adopted, and engine and cab is designed at both sides of frame, telescopic boom is arranged at middle position reasonably with simple structure, reducing the profiling and irregular weld joint and strengthening the important bearing parts. The key articulated points adopt solid installing seat, and can bear torque and impact load under different working conditions, and provide effective guarantee for safe operation.

Working Device
The working device adopts three telescopic booms, including chains, telescopic cylinder, luffing cylinder, auxiliary leveling cylinder etc. The hydraulic system of working device is used to control the luffing and extending of telescopic boom. The boom structure is optimized through finite element analysis, reducing stress concentration, realizing compact structure, and it’s safe and reliable, and able to meet different harsh working conditions.

The fork is equipped at front end of telescopic boom, and designed with single-side hydraulic cylinder consumption
automatic leveling system. In the luffing process of telescopic boom, it can automatically control fork to keep at the same angle with ground, and make sure the stability and safety of high position fork lifting.

In addition, the multi-functional quick-change mechanism can be equipped with different components and tools according to different working occasions.

XC6-3514V telehandler can be equipped with bucket, work platform, bag clamp and other different work tools to meet different work needs.

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