Trailer Stacks Exw UK

Trailer Stacks Exw UK

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They are all cut downs,
No ready stack stock avail to order, lead time 2 weeks from deposit from the most dependable supplier.
It is possible to stack x 5 with the lowest trailer being a dismantled curtain sider keeping its headboard in place, add £400 to the stack price, to be assembled/bolted together at destination.
You can request all extra ex curtains/tarps to come in the stack,
It is possible to stack x 4 curtain siders for re assembly at destination add £850 to base price,
Delivery to any Uk Port £750
Approached x 5 suppliers who I have dealt with in the past,
It really depends on age and £ u want to spend,
BPW axles drum, looking from £26500 up to £32000 across the market
ROR drums mix 2000-2008 £15950 up to £ 18250 exw Uk,
ROR disks mix 2000-2008 £14000-£16500 exw Uk
The higher prices will get you a mix of younger trailers , supplier sees even 1998 trailers in better condition than 2008’s

Have requested shipping quote, next avail shipping early March, space going fast.

I can go down and select x 5 trailers and pay a deposit on ur behalf
There are cheaper available on the market but will be dealing with unknowns and mugs making false promises.


New or Used



BPW Axle Drum, ROR drums mix 2000-2008, ROR disks mix 2000-2008


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