Shantui SD32 Bulldozer Exw China

Shantui SD32 Bulldozer Exw China

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Shantui SD32 Bulldozer

Type: Bulldozer  SD32


Brand: Shantui


Price is quoted based on standard model Standard cabin with air-conditioner, Chongqing Cummins Engine, Straight tilt, three-teeth rear ripper


2.Optional: +USD10,250.three-teeth rear ripper


3.Overall dimension of SD32:109cbm

7 June 2021

4.Sea freight to Dar Es Salaam: USD11,695./one unit by bulk vessel

Sea freight to Dar Es Salaam:USD14,100./one unit by flat rack


5.Sea freight to Beira:USD20,415./one unit by bulk vessel

Sea freight to Beira:USD14,750./one unit by flat rack


6.Sea freight to Maputo:USD12,240./one unit by bulk vessel

Sea freight to Maputo:USD14,280./one unit by flat rack


7.Sea freight to Durban:USD10,615./one unit by bulk vessel

Sea freight to Durban:USD14,280./one unit by flat rack

30% deposit by T/T before production and 70% balance by T/T before shipment or L/C at sight
Shipment: by vessel /Validity of the pricelist: 30 days

Shantui SD32 Bulldozer


Model & type Cummins QSNT-C345; In-line, water cooled 4-cycle, overhead valve direct injection, turbocharged diesel
Horsepower Gross power: 257/345/2000 kW/HP/rpm // Net power: 235/320/2000 kW/HP/rpm
Number of cylinders 6—139.7 x 152.4 mm (bore x stroke)
Piston displacement 14.01 L
Min. fuel consumption 245 g/kW·h
Maximum torque 1440N·m@1400rpm



Torque converter 3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase
Transmission Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, power shift, forced lubrication
Main drive Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication, single-stage speed reduction
Steering clutch Wet, multi-disc, spring loaded, hydraulically separated, hydraulic control
Steering brake Wet, floating band, foot brake with hydraulic booster
Final drive 2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication



Gear 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward 0~3.6 km/h 0~6.6 km/h 0~11.5 km/h
Reverse 0~4.4 km/h 0~7.8 km/h 0~13.5 km/h



Type Swing type of sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier rollers 2 each side
Track rollers 7 each side (single flange 5, double flange 2)
Track type 41 each side
Width of track shoes 560 mm
Pitch 228.6 mm



Maximum pressure 14 MPa
Pump type Gear pump
Discharge (at revolution of 2000rpm) 355(1795rpm) L/min
Bore of working cylinder × no. 140 mm × 2



Blade type Straight-tilt Angle U-blade Semi-U-blade
Dozing capacity 10 m3 4.7 m3 7.5 m3 7.0 m3
Efficiency (Theoretical value 40 m) 580 m3/h 245 m3/h 391 m3/h 365 m3/h
Blade width 4130 mm 4365 mm 3800 mm 3725 mm
Blade height 1590 mm 1055 mm 1343 mm 1374 mm
Maximum drop below ground 560 mm 535 mm 540 mm 540 mm
Lifting height of blade 1000 mm 1290 mm 1210 mm 1210 mm
Weight of blade 4520 kg 3254 kg 3419 kg 3419 kg


Maximum digging depth of 3-shank ripper 842 mm
Maximum lift above ground 883 mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper 3802 kg
Maximum digging depth of single ripper 1250 mm
Maximum lift above ground 965 mm
Weight of single ripper 3252 kg


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