Mobile Fuel Station 15000 Litres Exw China Qingdao

Mobile Fuel Station 15000 Litres Exw China Qingdao

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Mobile Fuel Station

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Mobile Fuel


(double oil/ double dispenser)

20ft ISO Container






1.Tank volume:15000L ( 2 compartments )

2.Applicable medium: diesel, gasoline

3.            Measurement accuracy: ± 0.3%

4.            Flow rate: gasoline 40L/min±5L, diesel


5.            Power:AC220V/16KW

6.            Oil gun & hose:11A13/16 self-sealing oil gun and 19/16 self-sealing oil gun, 9 meters hose.

7.1 unit of high-precision dual-fuel tax-controlled fuel dispenser with dual guns and gear pump inside.

8. 1 unit of generator with power AC220V/16KW

9.Pump: used for in/out ,flow 60m3/h,

7.5 KW, explosive-proof, electric motor type

10.Pipe line: 3 inch, with 3inch discharging Perolo valve.

11.Manhole cover: ADR standard,

2pcs, 500mm diameter, lockable type,250mm fill/vent, breath valve included in manhole assembly.


























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