It is important to note that if you are setting up a farm, equipment is one of your most essential investments. However, there are thousands of options and it can be difficult to choose which one is compatible to a small farm. To avoid confusion, it is important to be largely informed about your machinery and equally, the requirements of your farm and comparing your choices accordingly.

Here are tips on how best you can choose the right equipment for your business:

Note down your Needs:

Your investment is hard-earned It is important to be aware of the activities done on your farm and what you need to fulfil them. This may include the number of acres you are going to farming or whether you are harvesting or cultivating the soil , amongst other activities.

Consider the Quality-to- Price Ratio

While Farming equipment is very expensive, getting an expensive machine does not always mean its good value. The Quality-to-Price ratio helps you to attain value for your money. Here are the factors to consider:

  • Price
  • Power
  • Performance
  • Prestige
  • Parts
  • Prestige
  • Product support

Whether you are buying new or used machinery, Truckstop Africa will help you source  a machine with transparent documentation on power, performance and

parts of your machine. We take the responsibility to send you photographs of parts of your choice of equipment that may not be in the best condition. However we do our best to make sure you get the best of quality.

Here are the Important Farming Equipment you will need:

Pick Up Truck:

A pick-up Truck is both fast and strong, the latest generation of work vehicles can be used for heavy-duty activities. If you are based in Southern Africa, you can find wider choice of  trucks from Truckstop Africa.  Pick-up trucks easily get through the rough or dust roads quickly, making it easy to get the job done quickly. It also contains a lot of room to deliver your supplies from point A to B.

Harvesting Equipment

Harvesting equipment helps you to attain a high Return on Investment by averaging a magnificent 150 acres per day. If you are farming potatoes, vegetables or cereal, you many consider combine Harvesters for an affordable option. However, Truckstop Africa consists of more specialized options according to your needs.

Tractor Implements and Tools

Common choices of tools include mowers, loaders, tillers, seeders, sprayers, hay balers, manure spreaders and more. This will allow for flexibility because you can mount and unmount different parts to your tractor depending on how you need to use them.

For a wide range of options on New and Used heavy equipment, Contact Us for a conversation on the amicable choice!

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